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Muddy Creek Charter School is a rural public school dedicated to the integration of an outstanding academic program with its community–the land and its people. We offer a joyful and creative educational experience where engaged students practice the skills they will need to be effective citizens and stewards in the future. Muddy Creek Charter School will serve as a model for preserving schools in rural communities.


Muddy Creek Charter School was founded to provide an outstanding K-5 public educational program for children who reside in and around the Muddy Creek Watershed. In multi-age groupings, the school will deliver a place-based, project-based, integrated arts and science curriculum grounded in its rural agricultural setting and commitment to community service. Diverse learning styles will be fostered. MCCS will be supported in its efforts by forging and maintaining partnerships with local landowners and agencies, OSU researchers and the community at large. Our success will be our children. The students of MCCS will not only meet or surpass the state benchmarks but will also have a deeper understanding of their place in the world as demonstrated by portfolios of high quality projects, and they will be well prepared to transition into other schools for their continued education.

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Muddy Creek Charter School
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