Sept. 10

Muskrat News

Upcoming events:

September 23           7pm     Board meeting in the Community Room

September 24           Mountain Day Expedition (see details below)

October 1                  Muddy Creek Annual Fall Camp Out

October 14                Curriculum Night

October 23                Next Wildlife Steward Workshop

From our Executive Director

To The Families of Muddy Creek Charter School,
The staff of Muddy Creek are committed to having our families enjoy a positive educational experience this year.  You have received our Code of Conduct policy which is intended to be clear as to the rules of the school so that all people are safe, respected, and behave responsibly.  It is an expectation.  We would rather focus on helping our students learn skills that will lead to success in school, healthy friendships with students and adults and the promise of a successful life as an adult.  Throughout this school year we will be highlighting one such skill or guideline each week.  The parents attending our early morning meeting the first day of school received hard copies of the Lifelong Guidelines and LIFESKILLS as found in Tools for Citizenship and Life by Sue Pearson.  Its roots are in Susan Kovalik’s Integrated Thematic Instruction which is closely related to Muddy Creek’s place-based approach to teaching and learning.  The Lifelong Guidelines are:
Each classroom will have its own style of teaching and learning these guidelines and the 18 LIFESKILLS.  Additionally, I will be sure each Muskrat News has the guideline or skill of emphasis for the week included. The 18 LIFESKILLS are intended to lead students to do their personal best.  I feel when students or adults attempt to compare themselves or others to somebody else; it just gets in the way of the individual becoming the wonderful person they could be.
So, here’s to a year of wonderful growth and development for all of us.
Now – here we go.  This coming week’s focus is on TRUSTWORTHINESS.  It means to act in a manner that makes one worthy of trust and confidence.

A few other items I would like to mention:

This year, each class will have an outside area that they have “adopted” to keep it neat, weeded, planted, etc.

And that leads to composting – we are taking some “baby” steps towards practicing with composting organic materials cleaned up from the adopted areas and food waste.

The Corvallis School District has granted us the freedom from the many tests we had to do last year. We will test to place children in the right group for literacy and math. We will also do the state of Oregon academic tests, but there will be no Dibels and no MAP tests.

Classroom News

Kindergarten – The gentle start was just perfect.  The Kinders had a chance to explore the room, learn the names of a few new friends, tour the school and meet the office staff.  The first few weeks we will focus on making friends and learning more about being Kindergarteners in a big school.

Each week, I will post the themes and projects on the board just outside of the classroom.  Stop by and take a look at what’s happening.

I am always looking for guest visitors who have something that they like to share with Kinders.  If you or a friend would like to join us for a morning, let me know and I will include your project in the curriculum. – Jenny

Room 2 – We had a great first day.  I was impressed at how well everyone got along, and what independent workers they are!  We explored the classroom library, and had some time just to play 🙂  We will be doing daily stewardship in the Butterfly Garden and the children listed some of our needs: rakes, shovels, wheelbarrow, kid-sized gloves, seeds, etc.  If you have extra garden tools that you can donate to our class, they will be put to good use.  Also, we are looking for donations of fall bulbs (tulips, daffodils, crocuses, etc.)  for experimenting with this fall. – Ms. Gorman

Room 1 – We had a great first day of school.  It was great to see returning students and meet new ones as well.  I know we will have a wonderful year.  As a class we have adopted an area on campus for which we will be responsible.  The area we chose is on the side of the building facing the field.  There is an overgrown flowerbed and an old worn bench.  We are going to clean up the plants and eventually I would like to restore or replace the bench.  It is a nice sunny place to sit and read or draw.  If anyone has any gardening gloves or other tools they could donate to the cause it would be appreciated.  -Miss Bridget

Hamster Happenings – “Hello everybody, Sam here. I had fun meeting all the kids on the first day.  Sorry I was so wiggly, I was a bit nervous.  Thank you for working quietly so I can sleep.  I really like the school pictures you made, they were very tasty.  Just kidding.” – Sam

Room 4 – This first week has gone really great! Everyone is getting to know each other and me. The 4/5 class has the responsibility of taking care of the area in front of Principal Hays’ office. YIKES! We have spent a lot of time working on procedures for going outside, going to P.E., and going to lunch for example. Each of my students will be bringing a 2” notebook home with them every night. This notebook will contain multiple folders, a journal and a supply pouch. Anytime you want to check and see how your child is doing, feel free to look inside of this notebook, as everything we do in class will be in it. In addition, your child will have the daily Agenda sheet in the front pocket. This sheet has the homework assignments and lesson objectives written on it. I am using this notebook as a tool to help keep the kids organized. The kids will be filling the Agenda out starting next week. – Mr. Day

Code of Conduct Packet

During the first week of school we sent home a Code of Conduct packet that we want you and your children to go over together and sign.  We want to work from the start practicing being safe, being responsible, and being respectful.  If you have not already returned this packet, please do so as soon as possible.

All-School Tardy Procedure

We are trying to avoid a crowd in the office at 8:31am.  Students that arrive at school before 8:35am do not need to come to the office to get tardy slips.  They will be marked tardy in the classrooms.  Students that arrive after 8:35am do need to go to the office because attendance sheets will already be turned in.  Instruction starts at 8:30am, so we appreciate your help in getting children to school on time.  Thank you!

Pick-Up Procedures

Like last year, grades 1-5 will be picked up out in front of the school.  Afternoon Adventures students and morning Kindergarten are picked up from the Kindergarten room.  Students and parents should go up to the teacher to “check” the child out.  We will not send children across the parking lot, so cars should either wait in line or parents should park and come over to the sidewalk to check the child out.  That way, we can be sure that everyone who picks up your child is authorized to do so.  This is a good time to let the office know if you have any people to add to your authorized pick-up list.  As your child makes new friends and goes on play dates after school, remember to call the office to make sure the other family is authorized to pick up.

Change of clothing/Raincoats

Every child in the school should have a change of clothing at school in a bag labeled with their name on it.  Also, please have your children bring a rain coat to the classroom.  We get outside a lot and children will get wet and muddy.  We need to be prepared.  If you haven’t brought these items yet, please try to send it by Monday September 13th.

Reminder — School Supply Fund

Don’t forget to stop by the office and pay Cedar for the school supply fund.  The fund allows teachers to buy notebooks, pencils, erasers, and lined paper for the classrooms.  The suggested donation is $25 per child.  If you would like to pay in installments, please let the office know.

Milk Cards

Muddy Creek does not have a lunch program.  At the present time, students bring their own lunch and snacks to school each day.  We do however provide milk to students for 25 cents.  MILK CARDS may be purchased in the main office for $2.50 per card (10 milks).  Many families purchase a few milk cards at a time so their child does not run out.  On Fridays the students have the option of choosing chocolate milk, which is very popular.

Mountain Day Expedition

There will be an all school trip to Mary’s Peak on September 24th.  The classes will be leaving at 9am.

Want to drive students on field trips?

Just a reminder to come in with your driver’s license and proof of insurance to Cedar in the office if you want to participate in any school related driving, such as field trips, this year. Thank you!


We have several families interested in carpooling. We are looking for a parent volunteer to coordinate this. If you are interested, please see Cedar in the office. 

Before School Care

Laura Oakes will be here at 7:45am each day to receive children if you have a need for them to be at school that early.

Wildlife Stewards

The school is recruiting one or more volunteer Wildlife Stewards so that the school can participate in the 4-H Wildlife Stewards program.  Wildlife Stewards are trained at workshops offered by the OSU Extension Service.  The next workshop is on October 23.  Wildlife Stewards will participate in our RESTORE schoolyard restoration project.  If interested contact Leah Gorman .

ICP Board Meetings

Here is the schedule for upcoming board meetings. This month they are on the 9th and the 23rd. In October we return to the first and third Thursdays.  The meetings are held at 7 pm in the Community Room.

Substitutes Wanted

MCCS is looking for parents or community members that are interested in serving as substitutes at our school during times when our hard-working staff needs a little time off for appointments, etc. The areas of need are the main office (phones, filing, general office helping), education assistants (math groups, reading groups), Afternoon Adventures (afternoon program for ages 4-6) and playground/lunchroom helpers.  The positions vary in hours and times of day.  Applicants would need to pass a background check to be eligible to work in the school.  If you are interested and would like more information, contact Cedar in the main office.


Terina McLachlain is the President of the Parent Teacher Organization. If you are interested in volunteering through the PTO please email her at

We are also looking for a parent who would like to be our head Volunteer Coordinator. Please see Cedar in the office if you are interested.

School Year Calendar

Muddy Creek runs on the 509J District calendar for in-service and holidays.  Please reference this calendar throughout the year for planning.  The calendar is available at

Hard copies are available in the office at Muddy Creek.

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