Summer Volunteers Needed!!

Greetings Muskrat Families!

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer full of adventure and family time. I’ve been out at the school getting some things organized and I noticed a few “potential project areas” we could use your help with…

School Garden – If you have a green-thumb (or just want to get your hands dirty), our raised beds need watering and weeding/tidying up. There’s an unruly pile of dirt and an old arbor that needs taking out… we need a few people who can adopt our gardens until we return in September. You could even plant a few veggies for harvest in the fall!

Lawn Mowing – Can you believe MCCS doesn’t have a lawn MOWER?! We don’t. But we do have a ton of dandelions and a very large field of weedy grass. If you have the means and the time to come out and take a turn through the field and/or playground while we look for a longer-term solution, we’d LOVE it!

Staff Room Makeover – Psst! Don’t tell the teachers, this one’s a surprise 😉 The teacher staff/lunchroom could really use a little attention… It’s functional, but it isn’t exactly a place where an exhausted teacher could some have lunch, chat with peers, and be reinvigorated to return to their classrooms. Some paint, new furniture, artwork? Could we find a committee of parents to take this on and spoil our teachers?
If you are interested in any of these opportunities please shoot me an email and we can conspire to make some improvements before the craziness of the school year starts up. Thanks!


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