Due to the project-based, place-based philosophy of MCCS, regular attendance and participation are critical for consistent content exposure and reliable assessment. Furthermore, consistent and punctual attendance models important life skills, including responsibility, motivation, time management and work-ethic. 

If your child must be absent, please notify the school office (541-752-0377) of the absence and reason for absence by 9:00 AM each day. We will call home if the child’s absence has not been explained. If a communicable disease caused an absence, a release from the attending physician may be required upon return to school. 

Examples of excused absences or tardiness include: illness or health-related issues, bereavement, religious instruction, family emergencies, medical/dental appointments, or events that have been pre-approved by the Executive Director or designated staff. 

Examples of unexcused absences or tardiness include: sleeping in, refusal to attend school or participate in classroom activities, babysitting, non-emergency in family and excessive illness as determined by the Executive Director. At times, the administrator will not excuse absences even if the parent has called or sent a note explaining the absence. This occurs when the number of absences or tardies is excessive (such as more than 8 unexcused one-half day absences within a four week period). 

10 Day Drop: Oregon State Law requires that we withdraw students who miss ten
consecutive days of school. If a student is absent for any reason for 10 consecutive days,
they will be withdrawn from school and will have to re-enroll when they return.


Tardiness is disruptive to classroom activities and can be disorienting to the student who is entering class late. Morning classroom routines are important for orienting students in the individual and collective learning process. If a student is habitually tardy, he or she is missing critical academic instructional time. Students should arrive at school on or before the start of the school day, ready to learn. 

Students who arrive after 8:35 are tardy and must stop by the office and receive a tardy slip before entering the classroom. This tardy will be noted on their attendance record. 


If a student has more than 8 unexcused one-half day absences or 4 tardies in a 4 week period, a letter will be sent home and a meeting may be requested. If the problem persists, parents will be asked to attend a meeting to address the issue. 

Absences greater than 10 consecutive school days will result in automatic disenrollment from the school, per state law. The administrator may reserve the vacated position for 6 school days after disenrollment. 

For more information, please refer to MCCS’ Board Approved Policies and Procedures, Policy ST00016b


Students are supervised by staff only on school days during school hours from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm. Students should not arrive at classrooms prior to 8:25 am. The school does not provide adult supervision and is not responsible for supervision of or injuries to students on school grounds before 8:25 am. 

Students are not permitted to leave school grounds between arrival and dismissal times without permission from parents and an adult escort. Students leaving school before regular dismissal MUST be picked up in the office and signed out by a parent. If someone other than a parent/guardian or designated emergency contact person is picking up a child, the school requires WRITTEN permission from the parent or legal guardian. 

Every student should have an authorized pick-up list on file in the office. Your child will not be allowed to leave the school with anyone that is not on this list. We will require a written note in the office for any change to your child’s normal after school routine. We realize that occasionally plans change during the day; in this case, call the office at 541-752-0377 by 10:30 so that we can send a message to your child. We will not allow children to change their after-school plans without written or verbal permission from the parent. Children will only be allowed to initiate changes in their after-school routines at the discretion of their teachers. 

Students should go directly home upon dismissal. The school is not responsible for supervision of or injuries to students on school grounds after 3:10 p.m. 

School Pick-up 

If children are picked up by car after school instead of riding the bus, drivers may pick up waiting children in the designated pick-up area. Otherwise, drivers must park in designated parking spots. Please do not to block the flow of traffic and please do not leave your car unattended in the driving lanes. Parents are required to pick their children up from school on time at the end of the school day. If a student is regularly picked up beyond 10 minutes after the end of the school day, a letter will be sent home reminding parents of the importance of picking their child(ren) up on time after school. Again, all children should be picked up by 3:10 p.m. 


Bus Stop Pick-up 

If a child rides the bus, their parent is required to be on time and present for pick-up at the designated stop. Children whose parents are not present at pick-up will be kept on the bus and returned to school, per First Student policy.

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